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Special Guest at Riva dei Tarquini, Tuscany (Europe) 2012.4.19

Special Guest at Riva dei Tarquini, Tuscany (Europe) 2012.4.19
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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Approaching the tail of 2021...

There is definitely something wrong here with the system...How on earth am I supposed to write like this? there is no joy or enthusiasm writing on my Google blog (since several months) because the writing system has changed. It's much better on Word Press, but I've always liked Google more, until several months ago! That was my rant! Now, to get to what I was trying to write...
My image is from Nov. 26, 2021 (Thanksgiving Friday...I don't care much to call it Black Friday. Lol) It's a sort of touchy subject, to talk about the end of 2021: What has it brought? joy, pain, sorrow? What have we gained? another year of life, that's for sure! What have you accomplished? if anything... Will you carry your load of $h*t into the new year, 2022? Do you think you will stay entrapped in the memories of this year? be they good, be they not so good? or will you just push them down the drain of forgetfullness? I think that everything should be kept as a book of experiences to cherish, and try to take advantage of new learnings, even the crappy ones. For sure, in some ways, 2021 has been much better than the previous one: this disease of these times, has weakened the universe in many ways, and taken so many people away from their lives and loved ones. 2020 an extremely sad year... 2021 a bit happier, but it's not over. The disease, with all its variants (the most recent one, quite deadly) is still out there, not lurking, but bold and in the open! Personally, I am without DJ work since February 2020, and that's a long long time. I've gotten into other projects, but with very little income. I find it ironic when talking with people who say, well, you are fit and healthy and that's what is important. Sure, it is, but it doesn't pay the bills! a bit more empathy, folks? Lol These are some of my thoughts on December 28, 2021/Tuesday, 4 days till we get to the tip of the tail of 2021, and enter 2022... To the gentle readers: please write some comments, your thoughts, in the appropriate section...They are very much appreciated. I get a lot of visitors from all over the universe, but hardly any comment, and that saddens me, a bit... Stay safe! Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock) LPM (always and forever...)

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A Link to Read (please)

Recently, I signed up to a site, submitted a story, and it was approved right away. The reason I did was because I need work, money, and, supposedly, the more people read, the more I could get money. Not much, really: in three days there have been 50 reads, thus accumulating 19 cents! Another way is if people/readers give me a tip for what I write. Will you (kindly) be one of them? I haven't written on this blog for a long time, and not only because I haven't had any DJ work since February 2020, because of the world wide pandemic, but also because there seems to be a technical glitch here, and I can't write the way I wish to...All sorts of symbols pop up, making it almost impossible. The technical team was alerted a long time ago, but I got no feedback... Oh well...$h*t happens, I guess, and this is a different kind of stink! Love Peace Music (always and forever)

Saturday, August 21, 2021


We're all doomed...Doomed to die... Doomed to lie on our death beds, or, all of a sudden...somewhere unknown. Always an incognito! I don't know what's happening, but this Google blog has some issues. I get numbers of lines...bleah!!! To be continued once I find out what's going wrong with this site!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Small Tribute to David Bowie...

Today, January 10, 2021 (Sunday) marks the 5th year of the Thin White Duke's passing, which was in 2016, just two days after his birthday... The Wedding Song was written by David Bowie for his wedding with Iman (1992) and was one of the tracks included on the album BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE, in 1993 (one of the years when I interviewed David). It is a song of Love, the Love they had for eachother, and you can hear the wedding bells chiming towards the end of the song. I love this track and its lyrics! ***I believe in magic...*** Watching this video, a lot of memories popped up seeing so many images that I have lived through, and yes, some made me tear up. Sadness pervades me, and so many of his Fans. The video I am attaching is not the official one, but I find it quite appropriate, with so many images that remind us of some of his greatest moments!
Rest in POWER, Star Man...You are missed! Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock) LPM💙☮️🎵

Monday, November 2, 2020

A sort of Pessimistic rime...

We live, We cry, We sigh, We die... And there's nothing else that can be done Nor can it be undone...
It's getting more and more complicated here: I want to add tags under picture and video, and it won't allow me to...

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


So we have an unusual date 2020.9.9 (and it's a Wednesday)...Will something happen? is there going to be a star alignment? Is the world going to come to an end? Or will something special happen? a cure for the disease of the century, the Covid~19 (here comes 9 again!)

Nothing interesting about this writeup, I just wanted to mention the 9.9. date!

Roger and out...